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Estes Park Wool Market, June 11-12 - free and fun for all!

Goats have been sheared!  Mohair available!

At Sister Sheep, we raise sheep and mohair goats, and we love to share these naturally grown and naturally processed fine fibers with you, the hand spinner, the fiber artist and the discerning consumer of quality fiber products.

Why Our Wool Fleece is Special

  1. Our sheep are well-loved and well-fed which results in the production of beautiful and healthy fleece.  In addition to the homegrown hay that Sarah feeds them, Sister Friends often bring apples!
  2. Our sheep are covered year round with jackets that protect their fleece from debris, reduce sun damage and keep them quite clean considering that these sheep live outside year round! 
  3. After shearing, we skirt each fleece aggressively which means we pull off the belly wool, leg wool and other parts a handspinner would not want to work.  Then we pick over the fleece, checking for quality and removing debris and unwanted sections.  We spend 3 - 4 "sister hours" on each fleece to make sure that you get a product you will be happy with.

We are all handspinners and work with both our wool and our mohair.  We are experienced at washing, carding, combing, spinning and felting our fibers, so we know what a beautiful fleece should look like!  We hope that you find our products meet our high standards as well as yours.

If you are interested in learning more about our fleece or checking for a particular color or a particular quality of fleece, contact us at info@sistersheep.com

Sheep for Sale

sheep ramIn the spring, as our new lambs are born, we have animals for sale that would be great additions to a spinners flock.  

Contact us at info@SisterSheep.com if you might be interested.  Sarah loves to talk about our sheep!

Grass Fed Lamb

Each year, a select group of our lambs are kept for their meat.  Rambouillet and Romeldale/CVM are both dual-purpose breeds.  Grass fed with the hay produced right on the ranch, this lamb is premium meat that can only be found in a location such as this.  Sarah and her husband raise grass fed cattle for meat production, so this is a natural extension of their ranching business.  The meat is processed with care at a local custom kill facility, Double J Meat Packing in Pierce CO. Want to know more?  Contact us at info@SisterSheep.com  Grass fed beef is also available.

...and Angora Goats producing mohair.

Our angora (mohair) goats live a charmed life in the foothills near Denver where they are treated like family by our goatie loving sister, Marny Pavelka. Marny's goats are registered with the Colored Angora Goat Breeders Association.  She currently has 5 goats in shades of white and grey. 

Goats for Sale

Marny is continually breeding her goats to achieve a full range of colors.  If you are interested in purchasing goats, please contact Marny at info@SisterSheep.com

Mohair Fiber

Marny shears her goats twice a year, sometimes three times for the more prodigious producers.  Marny sells her mohair to spinners and to doll makers who love the longer lengths for doll hair.  Often our mohair is blended with our wool into deliciously gorgeous roving for handspinners.  For availability, contact us at info@SisterSheep.com