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Estes Park Wool Market, June 11-12 - free and fun for all!

Goats have been sheared!  Mohair available!

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Llamas ...and other specialty fibers

Meet Kuzco, our guard llama, shown here with Sarah, the rancher sister.

guard llamaguard llama

Kuzco is a beautiful animal, but mostly he is a loyal and aggressive guardian of the sheep.  Coyotes are a common predator on the plains of northeastern Colorado, and Kuzco is able to keep them away from our precious sheep.  If needed, he could kill a predator with his feet.   

llama and lambsIt is amazing to watch him each spring as the lambs are born.  He is very protective of the mothers as they go into labor, and he wants to nuzzle the newborn so that he can add it to his flock.  As the lambs grow, they can often be seen jumping onto Kuzco back as he lies in the yard with them.  So cute...

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Paco Vicuna

Paco Vicuna are a cross between alpacas and wild vicunas of the South American altiplano.  Paco vicuna has existed for some time in small quantities in Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile.  A very small number are now in the United States.  These animals have superfine fiber like the wild vicuna, but they have the gentle disposition of alpacas. 

paco vicunaMeet Mochito, the beautiful cinnamon colored PV (American shorthand for paco vicuna!) who lives at Bear Tracks Farm in Golden, Colorado.  Jerry Dunn, Mochito's owner, is a well-known llama owner and trainer. You can see her with her llamas each year at Estes Park Wool Market and the National Western Stock Show.

Mochito's fiber is soft, warm and strong.  This specialty luxury fiber competes with cashmere for softness and price! 

To learn more about spinning paco vicuna, see Spin-Off magazine's Winter 2008 issue and the article by Kaye Collins, master spinner.






















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